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by Fresh New Games (+) ability
U-Boat - U-Boat. Your mission consists of entering in the depths of the ocean and recover the tresors. Move you with the arrow keys and the space bar to throw the hook.
by GungHo (+) ability
Cororon - Cororon. Obtain all the food of the labyrinth to be overcoming levels. You have one minute and a half to try it and three levels of difficulties.
by GameAngel (+) ability
Save the boys - Save the boys. Save your friends who have fallen to the water! Throw the lifeguard to them whenever they it need clicking the left button of your mouse.
by Not Our Future (+) ability
Kiss off - Kiss off. Find the hotty to kiss by avoiding all the smokers. Don´t get caught with one of them or you will lose points with a difficult challenge.
by Sammy's Gamebox (+) ability
Killawatt: Rap Attack - Killawatt: Rap Attack. Move up the flying saucer with the space bar not to hit with the loudspeakers. Use the arrow keys to be adding points.
by Unknown (+) ability
The UFO Rescue - The UFO Rescue. Try to rescue the alliens with your ship. Prevent no meteorite from hitting against you because they were taking life from you.
by Yahoo (+) ability
Rain of balls - Rain of balls. Move with the arrow keys this teddy in order that he does not touch any ball during the interval time. More time last, higher it will be the level!
by Wowgame (+) ability
Waterskiing - Waterskiing. Press the keys "Z", "X" and "C" to take you a photo. Use the arrow keys to move you from left side to right. You will pass the levels when you make good photos.
by Yahoo (+) ability
Go to the fruit! - Go to the fruit! Help these two friends to eat all the fruit that they could jumping with his trapeze. Move you with the mouse to make them to jump. His life depends on you!
by Free World Group (+) ability
Pirate Race - Pirate Race. Your objective in this game is to race the other pirates to the island treasure and get there before they do. Use your cannons to shoot the enemy with the space bar.
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