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by Bebeline (+) ability
The Miner - The Miner. Version of the Gold Miner. Overcome every mission gathering blocks of gold and other wealths. Whenever you overcome a level, the mission will be more difficult.
by Gameshot (+) ability
Pacco - Pacco. Move Pacco with the space bar and the arrow keys to reach the coins and try to press the spacebar 90 degrees before the direction in which you want to fly.
by Doof (+) ability
Indiana Bones - Indiana Bones. Use the arrow keys to control Harrison. Make him eat his green vitamins and stay away from the red ones!
by Sammy's Gamebox (+) ability
Killawatt: Reggae - Killawatt: Reggae. Drop and balance the speakers to get the highest speaker tower and score more points. If fall out more than 5 loudspeakers, you will lose the game.
by 3RD sense (+) ability
Abominiball Snow Maze - Abominiball Snow Maze. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the maze. Avoid falling in the holes and keep away from Abominable Snowmen, these will bring you back to the start.
by Free World Group (+) ability
Ostrich Underground - Ostrich Underground. Your objective is to collect all the underground eggs in one continuous line and then get your head to the exit. Try to avoid getting bitten on the neck by moles!
by Qbris (+) ability
Jump Out - Jump Out. Make all the platforms turn green in order to pass to the next level. Move with the arrow keys and hold the space bar to jump longer. Click on the game to start it.
by Cartoon Network (+) ability
Chowder: Give trees a chance - Chowder: Give trees a chance. Help Chowder clean up the air by planting trees around the city. Use the mouse to move chowder left and right and click to jump.
by Mateusz Skutnik (+) ability
Mr. Mothball - Mr. Mothball. Overcome levels moving with the arrow keys to gather all the blue balls on screen. When you gather all these balls, go towards the exit (blue spiral).
by Free World Group (+) ability
D-Finder - D-Finder. Find the 5 differents between the 2 images that will be appear. Remember that the differences can change every time you play the game!
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