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by Spamburger (+) adventures
Forrest Warrior - Forrest Warrior. Your mission consists of preventing Dracula from destroying the forest. Move you with the arrow keys and, attack your enemies with the key "Z" and the space bar.
by KoalaFun (+) adventures
Super Kaka - Super Kaka. Help SuperKaka to pass the levels and to achieve his aim. For it, he need to gather all the blue parchments and coins. Press the space bar to jump.
by BB Player (+) adventures
Crazy Flasher 2 - Crazy Flasher 2. The second part of Crazy Flasher. Overcome your new mission, eliminate your enemies and obtain your remuneration. Use the arrow keys to move and to attack.
by Unknown (+) adventures
The Sushi Bar - The Sushi Bar. Help Jack to recover all the food that has been stolen of the Sushi Bar. Jump for it and eliminates with your katana the thieves.
by 3RD sense (+) adventures
Clinker Castle - Clinker Castle. Spike the Dragon has accidentally dropped his favourite treasure, a jewelled cup, in the lake. Choose your prince and help him get the cup back.
by Box10 (+) adventures
RoboJack - RoboJack. Gather the maximum coins and defeat your enemies. Use the arrow keys to move and press the up arrow two times to achieve a double jump.
by PopBrain (+) adventures
Sift Heads - Sift Heads. Shoot your enemies at the head to finish with them and to be overcoming each of the missions that send you. Click the left button of your mouse to shoot.
by Free Online Games (+) adventures
Pirates Vs Ninja - Pirates Vs Ninja. Your mission like ninja is to eliminate all the pirates who try to kill you. Click the space bar to attack and the arrow keys to move.
by BB Player (+) adventures
Crazy Flasher: X Running - Crazy Flasher: X Running. Manage to overcome the obstacles and traps of the labyrinth to come to the goal. Use the cursors to realize pirouettes that allow to obtain your aim.
by Salman Fatahillah (+) adventures
The Unfair Plataformer - The Unfair Plataformer. Manage to reach the points of control avoiding to lose lives in the way. Use the cursors to move and to skip the unexpected obstacles that will arise.
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