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by Marvel (+) adventures
Spider Man 3: Rescue Mary Jane - Spider Man 3: Rescue Mary Jane. Help Spider-Man reach Mary Jane across the building tops before time runs out. Move with the cursors and jump with the space bar.
by Arcade Bomb (+) adventures
Undercover Ops - Undercover Ops. Eliminate the enemies only with your weapon. Move with the cursors and attack them with the space bar.
by Arcade Bomb (+) adventures
Ninja Quest - Ninja Quest. Help the ninja to save the princess kidnapped by a wicked clan of ninjas. Defend yourself and attack the opponent with the weapons which you have.
by Unknown (+) adventures
Owata - Owata. Overcome unexpected obstacles in every section using the cursors to move and the keys Z and X to jump and to shoot. Click R to begin again.
by Boomer (+) adventures
Super Boomer Max - Super Boomer Max. Pass the levels obtaining chewing gums and facing to the enemies, jumping on them. There are 3 different scenes to enjoy this game.
by GamesGames (+) adventures
Super Doggy - Super Doggy. Liberate the puppies of the claws of the wicked Lord Claw. Gather the packages of food to obtain power and to achieve your aim. Good luck!
by Manfred Lipowski (+) adventures
Michigan Hawk - Michigan Hawk. Obtain the treasures that you find and escapes of your worse enemies: those who appear on screen and the own screen, which advances progressively.
by Crazy Monkey Games (+) adventures
Treasure Seas - Treasure Seas. Entertaining adventure in the sea in which you must go obtaining the major number of possible treasures. Care with the pressure and oxygen to a lot of depth.
by GameSheep (+) adventures
Weirdville - Weirdville. Use your skill to collect as many coins as you can, to score points and reach the red signpost!Very enterteining!
by Ignatius Zuk (+) adventures
Romanius 2 - Romanius 2. Superb epic game full of evil enemies and action. Watch the intro, configure controls, read the help, choose the play mode... and have large fun!
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