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by Flash Games 247 (+) adventures
Benda Bot - Benda Bot. Collect all the golden screws in order to reach all the levels. You will get an extra life for every 10 screws!
by Unknown (+) adventures
Prison Break - Prison Break. Escape out the jail across tunnels and secret rooms, without to be discovered by the guards. Use the shadows to hide yourself, avoiding search lights.
by Chris (+) adventures
ASCII Heroes - ASCII Heroes. Original game of platforms where you are a smart guy without arms who has to make some jumps (space bar) in order to avoid the bad people.
by Say Hi Kids (+) adventures
Prince Adventure - Prince Adventure. Choose the most effective weapon to erase all the evil characters by using Z or CONTROL key. Press F11 for playing in full screen.
by Unknown (+) adventures
Demo Hitachi - Demo Hitachi. You are a hard drive and you have lost your information because of a group of virus. Kill all them and get to recovery all your folders and files.
by Nowe Reginald (+) adventures
Muffin the Star Hunter - Muffin the Star Hunter. You are in a strange forest and you have to collect the 10 stars on each level to find the exit. Be careful with your enemies in the way.
by Kmart (+) adventures
Haunted House - Haunted House. Choose a costume and try to find the way out, in order to escape from one haunted house. Pick up items and open doors pressing the space bar.
by Ikoncity (+) adventures
World - World. Collect all the stars in a pixelated world, in order to pass to the next level, before the time runs out. Get many bonuses, killing your enemies.
by GameSheep (+) adventures
Jamal and the Wasp Bunker - Jamal and the Wasp Bunker. A very amusing game where you are a vegetarian spider and must to rescue your friends, kidnapped by some flying creatures.
by Toccuma (+) adventures
Armor Heroes 2 - Armor Heroes 2. Great game of action and adventure where you have several characters with some different powers for defeating the villains. Read well the instructions.
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