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by Reinier Feijen (+) classical
Donkey Kong II - Donkey Kong II. When Donkey Kong junior tries to save his father again, some enemies try to avoid it... (Press the F5 key to refresh and start a new game).
by 2005 GC (+) classical
JetPac - JetPac. Remake your rocket and return home, in this flash version of an oldie Spectrum game. Controls: Numbers on top, key arrows and spacebar.
by Alexander Schulze (+) classical
Eggs - Eggs. Move this little wolf using the arrow keys and get to steal of the hen house so many eggs as you can. It seems easy at the beginning, but later...
by Glen Rhodes (+) classical
WolfenFlash 3D - WolfenFlash 3D. Explore strange rooms, get some ammunition for your pistol and destroy your enemies. Controls: Arrow keys, space bar and SHIFT key.
by Andre Michelle (+) classical
Moon Patrol - Moon Patrol. Enjoy of a great classic, exploring the moon with your tank and avoiding dangerous obstacles. Controls: Arrow keys and space bar. :-)
by Bikramjit (+) classical
UR Checkers - UR Checkers. This game continues to be between the classic ones than more entertain. Enjoy playing against the computer, in three difficulty levels.
by Neave (+) classical
Frogger - Frogger. Another great classic made in flash, where the frog has to cross the road and the river without hurting her, until reach one of the five houses.
by Jhunour (+) classical
Contra World Challenge - Contra World Challenge. Help CONTRA, the marines Bill and Lance, to stop the world's destruction. This great classic is worth to be played! ;-)
by Robb Briggs (+) classical
BurgerTime - BurgerTime. Drop all of the burger pieces into the bases at the bottom of the screen. Avoid the bad guys or throw pepper them with the space bar to temporarily stun them.
by Necromanthus (+) classical
Dizzy the Prince - Dizzy the Prince. Very entertaining classical game, where you must collect some objects that you'll find at the different scenes in order to continue advancing.
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