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by Neave (+) classical
Snake - Snake. Who has never played this game? From those old computers of our parents to the nowadays mobile telephones, it is still so addictive as the first day!
by Menace (+) classical
Kirby - Kirby. Do you remember this classic? Fly to reaching the door to access the next level and eat your rivals. Besides, you can change the default keys to suit your preference.
by X-Pressive (+) classical
Puzzle Maniax - Puzzle Maniax. If you like jigsaws, here you will find about ten ones. Click on the pieces to rotate them and drag them using your mouse. You have a limited time to complete it.
by NiLS (+) classical
Puzzle Bobble - Puzzle Bobble. Remember this all-times classic? You had to sort all the balls by colour. Use arrow keys and space bar.
by Julien Philippe (+) classical
Street Fighter Flash - Street Fighter Flash. Very well done version of the super classical, with a lot of options and large hours of fun for you and, if you want, a good friend. :-)
by Julien Philippe (+) classical
The blood way - The blood way. Good online emulation (although with some bugs) of the Konami game: Cross Castlevania (castle of Dracula) and defeat to the evil vampire count.
by Sega (+) classical
Columns - Columns. The original game and its midi music directly from the 90s. Join the same colour blocks to make them disappear. With many options and for 1 or 2 players.
by Nintendo (+) classical
Legend of Zelda - Legend of Zelda. The beginning of one of the most famous sagas of the History. Guide the young Link with valour and manage to rescue the princess Zelda.
by Unknown (+) classical
Reversi - Reversi. Or what is equal, the Othello of always, which is learned in 1 minute and hooks forever. Read the instructions and win the machine.
by Neave (+) classical
Simon - Simon. Have you got a good memory? Reflexes? Demonstrate it playing this classic tablecloth game put into your computer thanks the flash magic.
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