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by Videlectrix (+) classical
Pigs on Head - Pigs on Head. Choose between Game A or B and catch the falling pigs for taking them over to Hank (Q and A) or Frank (Up and Down arrows) before they stack up too high...
by IronClaw (+) classical
Kun-Fu Remix - Kun-Fu Remix. A remake of Nintendo 8-bit's Kung Fu. This version features new music, sound effects, moves, bosses, enemies, specials, sprite artwork and much more.
by Sr Frogs and Mario Falomir (+) classical
Track and Field II - Track and Field II. Well done flash remake from the original game of Konami, where you could play sports (fencing, hurdles and swimming) without standing up off your chair.
by TSK (+) classical
Minesweeper - Minesweeper. Use your logic and place a flag where you think that there is a bomb. You will know that you have won, when the smiley wear its sunglasses.
by Go0gley (+) classical
Raiden X - Raiden X. Absolutely amazing flash tribute from the classical games of Seibu Kaihatsu. Eight levels, tons of enemies and some funny hours are waiting you. RECOMMENDED.
by Hairy Bullet (+) classical
Bomb Jack - Bomb Jack. Time does not spend for the good games. For this reason, still is very entertained to play this flash conversion with the first 5 levels. Do not stop jumping! :-)
by San Francisco Production Group (+) classical
Lite-Brite - Lite-Brite. Show us the artist who lives inside yourself and make good drawings using the colored circles. Grey one is to correct mistakes. (If the tapestry rises, just press F11)
by Tom Fulp (+) classical
League Bowling - League Bowling. Excellent remake in flash from a superclassic game for the oldie Neo Geo. Very funny and addictive and with a great innovation: it has a 4 player mode!
by Lachauer Bros (+) classical
Master Mind - Master Mind. Place colored pieces until you get the right combination. If you succeed only the color, a white hint will be marked and if you succeed a color and a place, a black one.
by Addink (+) classical
Nebulus - Nebulus. This is a very good and quite addictive classical game. Choose the best way and avoid the traps and the enemies for reaching the top of the towers before time is up.
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