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by Ggame (+) infantile
Princess Wardrobe - Princess Wardrobe. Dress this pretty princess as the way that you prefer with: garments, tops, short or long skirts, shoes, sandals, necklaces, etc.
by Ggame (+) infantile
Make-Up Girl - Make-Up Girl. Learn to make-up yourself, practising with this little doll. Remember that you can use the handkerchief to eliminate the makeup that you don't like.
by mykaka (+) infantile
Puzzle World - Puzzle World. Form the different scenes in three difficult levels, being the first ones the easiest for the smallest children (click on the pieces to rotate them).
by Art and Pop (+) infantile
Where are the Animals? - Where are the Animals? Find the cat, the dog and the rabbit in the different scenes from the game. The animals to searching, appear in the right margin of the screen.
by Janko Metelko (+) infantile
Ladybugs: Tangled Maze - Ladybugs: Tangled Maze. Help the ladybugs find their houses through the garden mazes, using the arrow keys. To stimulate the mind of the smallest children.
by Ggame (+) infantile
The Perfect House - The Perfect House. Dress, brush and make up this doll at four full equipped rooms. You can go from a room to other one by clicking on the icons below.
by Ncontents (+) infantile
Fashion Cook - Fashion Cook. Dress this beautiful cook with your mouse. You can use dresses, skirts, wigs, shoes, etc. When your done you could print her out. :-)
by Roiworld (+) infantile
Makeup Room - Makeup Room. Use your mouse to make the doll very pretty. You can use lipstick, dress her with necklaces, etc. If you click on her hair and shirt they change!
by Theo Worlds (+) infantile
Old - Fashioned Christmas - Old - Fashioned Christmas. Select an existing color or create your own color, use different tip sixes and apply diverse decor to the cookie or Christmas tree of gingerbread.
by NISSIN (+) infantile
Chicken Aerobic - Chicken Aerobic. Turn ON your loudspeakers and try the fifteen aerobic steps that our little friend is teaching you. Choose the one that you want... ¡and do not stop moving!
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