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by Mateusz Skutnik (+) intelligence
Daymare Town 2 - Daymare Town 2. Like the first part of Daymare Town, manage to go out of the city with the help of the objects that you will find inside.
by Mateusz Skutnik (+) intelligence
Daymare Town - Daymare Town. Fantastic settings of this logic game!Manage to go out of this city using the objects that you will find in any place of the same one.
by Kristjan Luts (+) intelligence
Easy Peasy Escape 2 - Easy Peasy Escape 2. The second part of the Easy Peasy Escape. The aim is the same, to escape of the room using the objects that are hidden inside.
by Gamershood (+) intelligence
Easy Peasy Escape - Easy Peasy Escape. The objective is to escape the room by using various objects that are hidden. To use items, select them, and click on an object you want to use the item.
by Scarybug Games (+) intelligence
Chronotron - Chronotron. Duplicate you with the space bar in front of the blue time machine to be able to reach the electronic chip and to pass each of the levels.
by Robin Vencel (+) intelligence
Alex the adventurer and the lost marbles - Alex the adventurer and the lost marbles. Aid Alex in his adventure. Guide him by different ways, gathering objects and having care of the surprises during the way.
by Robin Vencel (+) intelligence
Bowja the Ninja on Factory Island - Bowja the Ninja on Factory Island. Your mission like ninja is destroy the GI8000 (Randy the Robot). To do that, use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the sceen.
by Free World Group (+) intelligence
Lilly Hop - Lilly Hop. Move the chicken for the nenuphars to plan the tour. An advice: think the path that you will do because only you can plan it once.
by Mateusz Skutnik (+) intelligence
Submachine Zero: ancient adventure - Submachine Zero: ancient adventure. Everybody loves this sort of point and click games, where you must to find some things for solve the mistery.
by Simple Andy Games (+) intelligence
ClickDragType 3 - ClickDragType 3. Today is a lucky day for all the logic games lovers: Five new puzzles (the ten older ones are here too) to enjoy of quality fun for some hours.
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