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by 2D Play (+) intelligence
Crazy Chess - Crazy Chess. Think very quickly to move your knight in order that you eliminate all the black prawns while you get some powerups and medals to raise levels.
by Eggy (+) intelligence
Draw Play - Draw Play. Draw a pathway with the mouse to move the mummy later until the blue flag with the arrow keys (Visualize the game completely, pressing F11).
by Unknown (+) intelligence
Brain Scratch #01 - Brain Scratch #01. Memorize as fast as you can the order in which the orange balls appear to discover where they are, clicking in the same order.
by Simple Andy Games (+) intelligence
ClickDragType 2 - ClickDragType 2. If you enjoyed the first part, you can play again, trying to solve those previous puzzles and others five mysteries more. You will be very entertained.
by Master Fury (+) intelligence
ORB - ORB. Use your mouse to drag the ball and take it to the green square. Remember that you also can move the boxes for solving the puzzles.
by Glaiel Games (+) intelligence
Paths - Paths. Just draw a blue line from the red ball to the star, avoiding the green zones and then press the space bar for that ball goes towards the star.
by Gamershood (+) intelligence
Stickman Jones - Stickman Jones. Make the right clicks in order to guide well this stickman for he can to reach his destiny without dying in the middle of the way.
by Abraxas Medien (+) intelligence
Finde den Piratenschatz! - Finde den Piratenschatz! If you liked Puzzled Sheep, you will enjoy this new puzzle, where you must arrive to the treasure by placing arrows at the board.
by zian (+) intelligence
Montgolfier - Montgolfier. Use the spacebar to rise and to go down with the globe for gathering the letters that compose the name of every object. Take care with doves.
by Amish Kumar (+) intelligence
Color Commander - Color Commander. Buy some characters of Pacman and place them on the field to destroy the houses, before the time runs out. Control the money that you spend.
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