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by Mateusz Skutnik (+) intelligence
Submachine 3: The Loop - Submachine 3: The Loop. Get ready for this third chapter, because now you are alone with a very weird machine. There is no menu, nor objects, nor anything...
by Flash Game KR (+) intelligence
Mon Sudoku - Mon Sudoku. If you like this sort of puzzle games, now you can play this one in two different ways: with numbers or with little monsters. Very funny! :-)
by Mateusz Skutnik (+) intelligence
Submachine 2: The Lighthouse - Submachine 2: The Lighthouse. Another "point and click" game as good as the first one. This time you must escape out of a very weird beacon...
by Flash Game KR (+) intelligence
Mon Buster - Mon Buster. Eliminate the tiles than you can, discovering those ones of the same type, for example, grouping all the tiles that have an eye at the middle.
by GameSheep (+) intelligence
Five - Five. Your mission is very simple: Group at least 5 balls of the same color horizontally or vertically, in order to make them disappear and get many points.
by Arseniy Shklyaev (+) intelligence
Warp Forest - Warp Forest. Shoot the odd looking trees in order to win some special powers for destroying the monsters and to collect all the exit keys (read instructions).
by Alex Matveev (+) intelligence
Crazy Cube - Crazy Cube. Link every pair of like colored markers to complete the cube, clicking with your mouse. You can't link cells diagonally and the black cells are blocked.
by Canon (+) intelligence
Lenses - Lenses. Your professor invites you to visit his observatory one morning, but when you enter, you are alone in a room where there are strange lenses. What will be their use?
by Johan Törnkvist (+) intelligence
Pricilla Gone Missing - Pricilla Gone Missing. The aunt Prissy has gone missing and nobody knows where is she. Try to discover it, using things and combining some objects with another ones.
by Arseniy Shklyaev (+) intelligence
Orbox B - Orbox B. This game so addictive returns! Your mission is very simple: Move the red and yellow square by the brick tiles, until reach the other red square. Very good!
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