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by 2D Play (+) ability
Peter Paranormal - Peter Paranormal. Help Peter to liberate his friends Lily and TJ of the claws of a few phantasmagoric creatures. Move with the mouse to focus and to eliminate them.
by 2D Play (+) ability
The Sniper - The Sniper. Your aim like sniper is to liberate Europe of the enemy Nazi. Uses the space bar to visualize your aim in increase and eliminate your enemies!
by 2D Play (+) ability
Penguin diner - Penguin diner. Help Penny to serve rapidly the clients to collect the minimal money, to be able to come back home. Bear in mind that the place is closed at 9:00 pm.
by 2D Play (+) ability
Spider Monkey - Spider Monkey. Help to this nice monkey to rescue his friends chimpanzees of a few wicked gorillas. Use the mouse to move.
by 2D Play (+) intelligence
Crazy Chess - Crazy Chess. Think very quickly to move your knight in order that you eliminate all the black prawns while you get some powerups and medals to raise levels.
by 2D Play (+) ability
Hyper Sphere - Hyper Sphere. Your space station has turned against you when it has been hijacked by an evil virus. Collect the power crystals to recover the control again.
by 2D Play (+) versions
Mortanoid - Mortanoid. Throw a cranium with the platform and destroy all the blocks of this fantastic Arkanoid. Collect the potions in order to help you along the way.
by 2D Play (+) adventures
Robo Slug - Robo Slug. Shoot, throw grenades and destroy the enemy robots! You can choose between three different modes of controls to play, clicking on OPTIONS.
by 2D Play (+) ability
Run Ronaldo Run - Run Ronaldo Run. Don't let Crespo get to the ball before Ronaldo. Collect golden shoes to speed up and avoid the burgers and the drinks or you will run slow.
by 2D Play (+) ability
Rapid Fire - Rapid Fire. Before the time runs out, shoot all the targets than you can in order to reach the level goal and proceed to the next level. You can make only 5 misses!
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