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by Agame (+) races
Uphil Rush - Uphil Rush. Overcome the differences of every race and win your opponent. You can choose among several vehicles. Use the cursors to move.
by Agame (+) races
Raccoon Racing - Raccoon Racing. Choose the player with whom you want to run. Use the cursors to move and the space bar to use the weapon and to destabilize your rivals.
by Agame (+) versions
Bomb It - Bomb It. For one or two players. Choose one of the four characters and start placing some bombs to be the winner at this funny Bomberman remake.
by Agame (+) versions
Flipshot: Warrior in Time - Flipshot: Warrior in Time. A vertical Arkanoid, where you have to use your large shield to destroy all the little colored rocks. Some ones are really hard!
by Agame (+) adventures
Rescue Mission - Rescue Mission. Your school friends have been kidnapped by some very dangerous soldiers and only you can save them... Will you be able to free to all of them?
by Agame (+) adventures
Jumping Bananas - Jumping Bananas. Jump across the platforms with this cute little monkey and catch all the bananas and the coins for reaching the next level.
by Agame (+) versions
Space Flight - Space Flight. Abduce all the creatures and land on the platforms. Remember that the gravity will change according to the planet where you are.
by Agame (+) adventures
Pie Craving - Pie Craving. Climb the tree until you arrive to the cake for reaching the next level. Use the arrow keys for moving and the space bar for shooting the ghosts.
by IPlayAllday Studio (+) ability
Motorama - Motorama. Use arrow keys for driving this bike and press the CONTROL one to ascend by the slopes. You can choose some screens and change them for your taste.
by Grant Cerulo (+) adventures
Brink Of Alienation - Brink Of Alienation. Aliens are attacking the human race and you are the only man with the power to stop them. The game takes a bit to load, but it's worth it.
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