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by Flash Games 247 (+) ability
Sky Diver - Sky Diver. Use the mouse to give intensity to the jump, click and try to be descending up to achieving the soil. For every parachute that you gather, you will obtain a life extra.
by Flash Games 247 (+) ability
Ally the Alien - Ally the Alien. Help Ally to find his friend in outer space. In this dangerous adventure, you will be able to obtain one extra life for every 5 crystals that you collect.
by Flash Games 247 (+) versions
Star Gazer - Star Gazer. Orientate the launcher, shoot and explote the star towards three or more stars of the same color. You will overcome the level when there are no stars in the sky.
by Flash Games 247 (+) ability
3D Tanks - 3D Tanks. Destroy evil tanks before they reach you. Use your keyboard to move, space bar to shoot and W to change weapons. Take care with medical and nuclear trucks!
by Flash Games 247 (+) races
Bike Mania - Bike Mania. This is a great game! Use the arrows of keyboard to drive carefully your bike surmounting all the obstacles as soon as possible. Have fun!
by Flash Games 247 (+) races
4 Wheel Madness - 4 Wheel Madness. This is a very funny game! Use your keyboard to drive the truck as the best way as possible in order to reach the goal.
by Flash Games 247 (+) adventures
Benda Bot - Benda Bot. Collect all the golden screws in order to reach all the levels. You will get an extra life for every 10 screws!
by Flash Games 247 (+) ability
Crazy Ball - Crazy Ball. Choose your player and try to insert the ball all the times as you could into the basket of your opponent without he gets to put it into yours.
by Flash Games 247 (+) ability
Graveyard - Graveyard. Aim and shoot with the mouse and get that the pumpkin crosses the graveyard. Remember that you can crash into the ghosts, but not against the graves.
by Flash Games 247 (+) versions
Spaceman 2 - Spaceman 2. This time, your mission is to save all the aliens that you find across some different planets by abducing them with your spaceship.
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