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by Free World Group (+) ability
Pirate Race - Pirate Race. Your objective in this game is to race the other pirates to the island treasure and get there before they do. Use your cannons to shoot the enemy with the space bar.
by Free World Group (+) ability
Ostrich Underground - Ostrich Underground. Your objective is to collect all the underground eggs in one continuous line and then get your head to the exit. Try to avoid getting bitten on the neck by moles!
by Free World Group (+) ability
D-Finder - D-Finder. Find the 5 differents between the 2 images that will be appear. Remember that the differences can change every time you play the game!
by Free World Group (+) versions
Teddy: In the bush - Teddy: In the bush. Version of Bomberman. Your objective is escape to the exit without being caught by the creatures. Find powers-ups and press the space bar to build walls.
by Free World Group (+) ability
Barnyard Balloon - Barnyard Balloon. Your objective is to pop the balloons of the animals before they pop yours. You need to be above the enemy player to pop their balloon.
by Free World Group (+) ability
Sprintster - Sprintster. There seems to be a gravitational effect on the planet -causing you to run faster and faster. All you have to do is avoid touching the food as you run like a crazy man for your life.
by Free World Group (+) ability
Tank 2008. Final Assault - Tank 2008. Final Assault. Defend your civilization of the enemy assault. Choose one model of tank, move with the keyboard and do not forget to rescue the survivors!
by Free World Group (+) intelligence
Lilly Hop - Lilly Hop. Move the chicken for the nenuphars to plan the tour. An advice: think the path that you will do because only you can plan it once.
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