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by Kerb (+) ability
Parking: Battle of the Sexes - Parking: Battle of the Sexes. Choose your sex, press Z to start and park the car with the arrow keys, without hitting other cars. Press Z again when you finish.
by Kerb (+) ability
Panik in Pogoland - Panik in Pogoland. Help Panik to cross the matrix on his pogo stick, jumping from tile to tile, without falling into the void. Move him with the arrow keys. It's terribly good!
by Kerb (+) ability
RAF Global Rescue - RAF Global Rescue. Wipe out enemy forces, rescue all hostages and go back to the rescue platform. Control your fuel, refuelling at headquartes or at a designated station.
by Kerb (+) races
easyMoney: Insurance Hunter - easyMoney: Insurance Hunter. Remove of the road the "vehicles" aren't able to drive. Move, accelerate and brake with the arrow keys and use the space bar to shoot.
by Kerb (+) ability
easyWatch: Stelios Saves Time! - easyWatch: Stelios Saves Time! Jump by dragging the arrow back and then releasing the mouse. If you drag the arrow very far, you will get more power in order to jump.
by Kerb (+) ability
easyCruise - easyCruise. Steer easyCruiseOne around the Caribbean ports by using the cursor keys and with the A and S keys. Sail her carefully into the dock to complete the level.
by Kerb (+) adventures
Panik In Chocoland - Panik In Chocoland. Entertaining platforms game that has as starring a kind of rabbit in a famous sweets land.
by Kerb (+) versions
Panik In Bubble World - Panik In Bubble World. Umpteenth version of the Pang. Very easy, so you can use it as training for others. Good graphs.
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