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by Neodelight (+) versions
Starship Eleven - Starship Eleven. Another starship is lost in space and your mission is very simple: Navigate until to find the way home... Controls: Arrow keys and space bar.
by Neodelight (+) ability
Champion Soccer 2006 - Champion Soccer 2006. Like in the previous game, but this time, with the classical soccer ball: Get as many points as you can, keeping the ball in the air.
by Neodelight (+) ability
Table Hockey Tournament - Table Hockey Tournament. Play table hockey against 8 different computer opponents. Each computer has his own character, so no enemy is like the one before...
by Neodelight (+) versions
Starship Seven - Starship Seven. Starship Seven is lost in space and the way home is full of dangers. Navigate this ship to the exit of each level and get the best score.
by Neodelight (+) races
Turbo Spirit XT - Turbo Spirit XT. Drive races in France, Germany and Japan and win the bronze league. Use the mouse to play or select the arrow keys, clicking in "Controls".
by Neodelight (+) adventures
Alex in Danger - Alex in Danger. A good platform game, where you have to collect all the gems, avoiding the attacks of the creatures. Recharge your ammunition with the laser guns.
by Neodelight (+) adventures
Jump - Jump. An old school style game where you are a simple green character looking for the blue exit door of every level. Take a lot of care with ghosts, evil birds and other dangers.
by Neodelight (+) races
Turbo Spirit - Turbo Spirit. The game features four tracks, each track has five checkpoints. You get 30 seconds for each checkpoint, do not run out of time! Another too addictive game...
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