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by Shogakukan (+) ability
Wanco Slide - Wanco Slide. Move the platforms with your mouse in order that Wanco and his friends could gather the maximum number of bones. You must catch a minimum of them to pass the level.
by Shogakukan (+) versions
Panzo Tank - Panzo Tank. Move the tank and give the angle and the exact intensity of shot to be able to destroy the opposite tank. You can play with another player or against your computer.
by Shogakukan (+) ability
Football Panzo - Football Panzo. Help Panzo to win the football match. Move with the mouse not to lose the ball and click whenever you want to give a touch.
by Shogakukan (+) ability
Karate Panzo - Karate Panzo. Move and click with your mouse to displace and stuff but have care because they approach for both sides and you only have one life!
by Shogakukan (+) original
Panzo Deep - Panzo Deep. This time, the small panda bear will have to protect its boat and to stay afloat by defeating some sea enemies with his explosives. Very funny!
by Shogakukan (+) versions
Panzo Invaders 2 - Panzo Invaders 2. In this second part, Panzo has to continue knocking down the ufos, but attacking this time with two mechanical balls instead of an only ball.
by Shogakukan (+) ability
Panzo Rodeo - Panzo Rodeo. Move the mouse from left side to right side in order to help our friend to keep the balance without falling off the rhino. There are 3 difficulty mode. Win them! :-)
by Shogakukan (+) ability
Panzo Fishing - Panzo Fishing. Throw the fishhook clicking on Panzo. When you fish the fish, gather it doing many clicks with the left button of the mouse. And something more, see watch...
by Shogakukan (+) versions
Panzo Memory - Panzo Memory. Play with ability in this funny version led by our friend Panzo, where you can make pairs playing alone or against the computer. Very good. :)
by Shogakukan (+) ability
Panzo Bubbles - Panzo Bubbles. Collect as many bubbles as you can and take them to the deposit in order to get a good score. If you don't want to crash, collect the fuel too.
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