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by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) original
Tobby: Hide and seek - Tobby: Hide and seek. Take the tin and place it in the circle, find your friends and return there running as fast as you can before anybody arrives first.
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) ability
Tobby Gym - Tobby Gym. Make sport with Tobby and his friends, making boxing or jumping some obstacles while you run (you can play with any key of the keyboard).
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) races
Tobby Race Car - Tobby Race Car. Complete 3 laps around the track with your race car and reach the first position in order to win your opponents. Controls: Z and X keys and arrow keys.
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) ability
Tobby Shouboushi - Tobby Shouboushi. Use your mouse to extinguish the fire before time's up and try to win all the levels in order to rescue the princess. Beware of thieving dog.
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) versions
Tobby Ice - Tobby Ice. Nice and entertaining Frogger's version, in which you have to across the lake using the blocks of ice and return with gifts safely. Beware of the grumpy dog.
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) ability
Tobby Yuki - Tobby Yuki. Tobby and his friends participate in the classic battle with snowballs. Use the Z key to shoot and X key to change of character or choose to the three at time.
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) ability
Tobby Tox - Tobby Tox. A very addictive and entertaining game. Avoid the obstacles to reach the top of the temple and get the treasure from the ancient Egyptian ruins.
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) ability
Tobby Kingyo - Tobby Kingyo. Catch golden fishes with a shovel of rice paper. Be careful, because the shovel will dissolve as it gets wet. Believe it or not, it is pretty addictive.
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) versions
Tobby Sanpo - Tobby Sanpo. Help Tobby to meet his girlfriend, moving the squares, before time is up. Try to collect gifts for his girlfriend and beware of the grumpy dog. Version of the Scrable.
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) ability
Tobby Balloon - Tobby Balloon. Fan the dog of the globe with mouse clicks up to it comes to the goal. To every level, there is more danger of which it explodes.
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