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Baloon Craft - Baloon Craft. Take all the cookies moving with the cursors from left to right. You do not touch your enemy because if you do it, you will lose the game.
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The Trapeze - The Trapeze. Catch all the candies and possible prizes without losing the balance. Click the mouse to jump up to obtaining them. Very entertaining!
by nARTBOX (+) original
The Cockroaches - The Cockroaches. Guide the cockroaches towards her nest with 4 books. Every book has a band fuchsia that indicates the side towards which you can move them. Good luck!
by nARTBOX (+) versions
Declared war - Declared war. Declare the war to one friend or your computer... You can choose several options in the shot, but take care of receiving more than you can shoot!
by nARTBOX (+) ability
Chobob's food - Chobob's food. Take the food that appears for screen up to Chobob. You must take a minimum of food, but if the bird eats something, the game begins again!
by nARTBOX (+) versions
Bentto Chess!! - Bentto Chess!! Think quickly and try to spend only 30 seconds, to win every one of the six levels at this Chinese Checkers version. It's difficult, but very addictive! :-)
by nARTBOX (+) ability
The Sailing Cat - The Sailing Cat. Move the float of this nice little cat with the arrow keys so that he can arrive until his friend. Avoid to collide with any balls and floaters and... Good luck!
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