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by Unknown (+) original
Gomutobi - Gomutobi. Jump to the gums pressing the arrow key that indicates you. Be careful because every level is more complicated!
by Unknown (+) ability
Bunny Bounty - Bunny Bounty. Prevent the bunnies from stealing your crops by knocking them down with your slingshot. Take aim using the mouse cursor and fire with the left mouse button.
by Unknown (+) infantile
Hello Kitty Dress up - Hello Kitty Dress up. Dress Kitty like you want. You have lots of articles to combine together with a wide digest of complements.
by Unknown (+) versions
Wakamewatari - Wakamewatari. Version of Frogger. Help these friends to cross the river preventing them from falling to the water in order to not lose the game. Click the mouse to jump.
by Unknown (+) original
Mizu - Mizu. Play at defeating your enemies filling his buckets with your pistol of water. Move with the cursors and shoot the pistol with the space bar.
by Unknown (+) original
Jump for the apple - Jump for the apple. Your aim is to take the apple. In order to obtain it, you must throw yourself to the emptiness avoiding to be devoured by the serpents and the bats.
by Unknown (+) infantile
Siat Mary - Siat Mary. Fly with your umbrella during 90 seconds. Try to change your clothes to be accumulating points without shocks with any bird because they will remove your points.
by Unknown (+) original
Ukiwa - Ukiwa. Help these children to throw to the swimming pool without falling directly to the water. Click the space bar whenever you want that one of them does it.
by Unknown (+) ability
Badminton - Badminton. Click "Start" in order to begin the game and whenever you receive the ball. Try to support the game until the end because if not, you will lose.
by Unknown (+) original
The Climber - The Climber. Click the mouse of right to left side to help to climb the little man. Take care with the men in black because they will try to avoid it.
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