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by GameSheep (+) versions
Makos - Makos. This game is not a new concept, but it continues being very addictive. Form groups of at least three little creatures of the same color to set them free. :-)
by GameSheep (+) ability
Elastic Soccer - Elastic Soccer. Play the ball with the blue set of players, using the mouse and hold the SHIFT key to control the goalkeeper. Score as many goals as you can!
by GameSheep (+) versions
Dumbolf - Dumbolf. Enjoy of a funny mini golf with this elephant like protagonist. Help him to complete all the holes in the smaller number of hits than you can do.
by GameSheep (+) ability
Manole - Manole. Help Manole to fly the distance larger that you can. Click to start running, click again to jump from the belfry and again and again to fly. Very addictive!
by GameSheep (+) ability
Virtual Champions League - Virtual Champions League. Choose a team and try to win the Champions League, starting to play in the quarter finals. Controls: Arrow keys and Z and X keys.
by GameSheep (+) versions
Bola - Bola. Version of Puzzle Bobble a bit difficult and addictive, where you have to swap two neighbouring balls to form groups of at least three of the same color, before time runs out.
by GameSheep (+) intelligence
MemoTST - MemoTST. The color of a certain number of bricks will be shown for a few seconds. To pass the level, try to remember the color of every brick when you will be asked.
by GameSheep (+) versions
Wormcraft Doom Island - Wormcraft Doom Island. Help these little worms to go back home in this version of Lemmings. Use the action buttons in the lower side of the screen in order to get it.
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