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by Free Online Games (+) ability
Fly Catcher - Fly Catcher. Click and drag the mouse in order to help this little frog to catch all the flies in only 1 minute. Avoid the bottles of poison at all costs. Good luck! :-)
by Free Online Games (+) ability
Swamp Treck - Swamp Treck. Try to across the swamp, jumping from a hummock to another one with the space bar, without staying on them for too long or you'll sink.
by Free Online Games (+) ability
Show Jumping - Show Jumping. Ride a horse and jump over a course of fences and other obstacles, within the allotted time interval. If you make a mistake, you'll be disqualified.
by Free Online Games (+) versions
Jumping Troll - Jumping Troll. Help a little gnome to collect all the foods in this version of Arkanoid. After, light on the ring to open a hole in the tree and put the goblin into the hollow.
by Free Online Games (+) versions
Flash Minesweeper - Flash Minesweeper. Try to locate all the bombs as fast as you can, in two different levels of this flash remake. Press the space bar to mark or not an square with a flag.
by Free Online Games (+) versions
Space Explorer - Space Explorer. Land the spaceship on the platforms, in this version of Moon Lander. Use the arrow keys to fire your thrusters and avoid the rough surface of the planet.
by Free Online Games (+) ability
Bubble Fairy - Bubble Fairy. Guide the bubble of a little fairy with the mouse in order to get her back to the fairy land and to free her. Beware of sharp obstacles in the way.
by Free Online Games (+) adventures
Pointless Game - Pointless Game. Jump and run through various dangerous levels and collect the golden coins avoiding the baddies. Use the Left and Right Arrow keys and the space bar.
by Free Online Games (+) original
Tower Defence - Tower Defence. Protect the Princess and defend her tower for as long as you can. Remove enemy soldiers with your mouse or with special powers, by clicking at the icons.
by Free Online Games (+) ability
Dirt Bike 2 - Dirt Bike 2. Try to reach the end of the way in the shortest time possible, in this second part of "Dirt Bike". Use the arrow keys to race and get a good score.
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