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by Woogi World (+) versions
Wooglings - Wooglings. Version of lemmings. Try to get as many Wooglings to the goal as you can. Each type of Woogling has special skills that it can use to help them get to the goal.
by Unknown (+) adventures
The Sushi Bar - The Sushi Bar. Help Jack to recover all the food that has been stolen of the Sushi Bar. Jump for it and eliminates with your katana the thieves.
by Felix Wiesner (+) ability
Go Go Plant - Go Go Plant. Hold down the left-arrow to keep the net up in the air and catch the ball. Use the other arrow keys to fly, drill and punch.
by Kristjan Luts (+) intelligence
Easy Peasy Escape 2 - Easy Peasy Escape 2. The second part of the Easy Peasy Escape. The aim is the same, to escape of the room using the objects that are hidden inside.
by DevilishGames (+) ability
Hairdressing Salon For Bald Men - Hairdressing Salon For Bald Men. Remember the wig that corresponds to each client. Click the client that want to carry the wig that you see at the wig zone.
by Gameshot (+) ability
Pacco 2 - Pacco 2. The Pacco's second part. Move Pacco towards the exit with the arrow keys and stimulate it with the space bar in the necessary intensity.
by Lindsay Laplante (+) ability
Cannon Blaster - Cannon Blaster. Touch the space bar to jump from cannon to cannon up to coming to the Sun. Gather for the way the little Suns and avoid to touch to the wasps.
by Dongh Wanara (+) ability
The windscreen wiper - The windscreen wiper. Move the windscreen wiper with the arrow keys in order that he cleans all the windows, pressing the space bar but take care that he doesn't fall!
by Larry Kaplan (+) ability
Kaboom - Kaboom. Use your mouse to begin and to move the buckets left and right to catch the falling bombs. When you miss a bomb, all bombs explode and you lose a bucket.
by Bebeline (+) ability
The Miner - The Miner. Version of the Gold Miner. Overcome every mission gathering blocks of gold and other wealths. Whenever you overcome a level, the mission will be more difficult.
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