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Internet is packed with free games which need no download or installation, so you can play them online. Our aim is to make a selection with the best ones only, and make them widely available through this site, so everyone can enjoy them as much as we do.


Obviously, games don't grow on trees; is the effort of many people working hard (for a living, to promote other contents, as a tribute to classics, as a way to learn, or as a result of too may spare time) what makes them possible.


When we began with this site, in order to avoid any moral or legal problem, we decided not to host the games, but simply to link the files from their original place. But, some months later, we noticed that:

- A lot of games stopped working or they changed their location, so we had tons of broken links, some of them redirecting to unknown sites totally out of control.

- Too many times, the bandwidth of the developers' servers wasn't enough or its quality was very bad, so it had not reason to force it even more with our links.

The only solution - with near 1000 games at our database - was to host them at our server, knowing that:

- Mostly of the games are sent to us by their own developers or licensees, giving us an explicit authorization to host them.

- The other ones are simply found for free on thousands of sites around Internet, being a lot of them used as "viral marketing", for promoting a product, a character, a website, a developer... thinking this, we feel that we are not hurting anybody. Anyway we read carefully every "Terms of use", for if there was something expressly forbidding this use.

- Also, in difference with the 99% of the sites those use to host games or other files, we always clarify that we are not the developers of the games, by placing the credits and two links (one at our homepage, over the thumb, and one more at every game page) to its original place.

- Anyway, if any developer feels that a game shouldn't be hosted here, simply has to use our contact form with a reasonable identity proof and, as soon as we read the mail (btw 24-48 h), we will eliminate it or, if possible, we will replace it for a link to its original place.


In order to maintain a highly traffic site as ours, is necessary to have any sort of incoming cash. After a carefully search, we decided to join the Google Adsense program, for two reasons:

- This is a non intrusive and non disturbing ad system. Although we leave to earn a lot of more money, we will never use popups or anything that may be an aggression for our visitors.

- We thought that Adsense has very useful contextual ads, because Google always verifies the quality of its advertisers.

By placing these few ads (1 banner, 1 skyscraper and 1 small box at the homepage and 1 banner at games pages), we can have an excellent server, correctly managed and with enough good bandwidth for users from around the world can daily enjoy playing wonderful games.

Anyway, if anybody dislikes ads, always is possible:

- To ignore them and not to make any click.

- To use any sort of plugin to eliminate them.

- To visit another websites with none or less publicity there.


All the content in this site (including advertising) is 100% intended for all audiences. We avoid sexual, violent, political issues, as well as any other inappropriate or taste-lacking material. Besides, we will never use malicious scripts, pop-ups or any other elements which could be misunderstood or affect the visitors.


We will not, in any manner, gather or store any information (even using cookies) about our visitors. We do outsource some of our services (advertising, statistics, mail lists, etc.) with third parties, not affiliated to us, and who declare to act with the utmost respect to the law.
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