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by fsk (+) original
Line Rider Beta - Line Rider Beta. This is not an usual game, but it seems quite entertained: Draw a good way in order that the guy with the bobsled could run over there without falling...
by Unknown (+) original
Balance - Balance. Another crazy Japanese game, where you must move the mouse to maintain the girl up, while you obtain some points by throwing the boys... x-D
by Unknown (+) original
The Star Hunting - The Star Hunting. Use your mouse or any key for moving the little arrow in the correct way until you reach the star. You must be very careful to don't crash!
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) original
Tobby: Hide and seek - Tobby: Hide and seek. Take the tin and place it in the circle, find your friends and return there running as fast as you can before anybody arrives first.
by E Plus X (+) original
Mango Fly - Mango Fly. Use your art to prepare the best mango cocktails (with 1 litre as much) and thus to obtain the bigger possible score. Review the instructions.
by Shogakukan (+) original
Panzo Deep - Panzo Deep. This time, the small panda bear will have to protect its boat and to stay afloat by defeating some sea enemies with his explosives. Very funny!
by Unknown (+) original
Pluto - Pluto. Click with your mouse to move Pluto by the orbits of the Solar System and collect so many stars as you can, without hitting the other planets.
by jmtb02 (+) original
Scribble - Scribble. Draw some pothooks and silhouettes with your mouse to complete the numbers sequence. Then see the time used for finishing the full game.
by pixelate environment (+) original
Panda Park - Panda Park. An addictive game for two players, where each one uses some different keys to move, but both ones have the same mission and rules.
by Cool & Warm (+) original
Tama - Tama. A fantastic game of zero gravity, where you have to take a coin and throw it to the colored holes in order to get a good score. Very addictive. :-)
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