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by Bandai (+) races
Dragonball Kart - Dragonball Kart. Try to finish first in each race and collect all 7 Dragon Balls. Pres enter to use items and spacebar to use special mode.
by Filipinos (+) races
Filipinos' Circuit 06 - Filipinos' Circuit 06. Use the arrow keys and cross the circuit in the minor possible time. Bear in mind that the water reduce the speed and the Filipinos duplicate it.
by Agame (+) races
Uphil Rush - Uphil Rush. Overcome the differences of every race and win your opponent. You can choose among several vehicles. Use the cursors to move.
by Agame (+) races
Raccoon Racing - Raccoon Racing. Choose the player with whom you want to run. Use the cursors to move and the space bar to use the weapon and to destabilize your rivals.
by GameSheep (+) races
Shadow Factory - Shadow Factory. Explore the nuclear plant and check the radiation levels. Use the Arrow Keys to move the truck, X to bounce and S to mute sound.
by Flash Games 247 (+) races
Bike Mania - Bike Mania. This is a great game! Use the arrows of keyboard to drive carefully your bike surmounting all the obstacles as soon as possible. Have fun!
by Flash Games 247 (+) races
4 Wheel Madness - 4 Wheel Madness. This is a very funny game! Use your keyboard to drive the truck as the best way as possible in order to reach the goal.
by Robert Watkiss (+) races
Max Dirty Bike - Max Dirty Bike. The aim of the game is to drive your bike for getting over all obstacles of a level and to reach the goal in the fastest time possible.
by Mohsye (+) races
Van TT - Van TT. Use your new red van to gather the signals across three quite slippery highways. Pulse the space bar for jumping and don't forget anyone.
by Bamboo Shoot Design (+) races
Heavy Metal Rider - Heavy Metal Rider. Drive the motorcycle with the keyboard or the mouse and get a good score, collecting all the coins. It takes a bit to load, but it's worth it.
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