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by fish in a bottle (+) races
The Transaid Challenge - The Transaid Challenge. Your mission is to follow the blue arrow for getting and to take some provisions to the villages that are needing them.
by TOSHIBA Corporation (+) races
Tobby Race Car - Tobby Race Car. Complete 3 laps around the track with your race car and reach the first position in order to win your opponents. Controls: Z and X keys and arrow keys.
by fish in a bottle (+) races
Kaizen Racing - Kaizen Racing. Get the best time than you can racing your car around the track and repairing the vehicle once for every lap (don't forget to re-order the stuff you use).
by 3RD sense (+) races
Diesel and Death - Diesel and Death. Win your enemy with your race bike, running more than he or destroying him with the powerups that you will find in the way (use the space bar).
by Glaiel Games (+) races
Krazy Kar 2 - Krazy Kar 2. Drive this little car again with the arrow keys in order to reach the end in the time given (mode Time Trial). The others four modes are different.
by Neodelight (+) races
Turbo Spirit XT - Turbo Spirit XT. Drive races in France, Germany and Japan and win the bronze league. Use the mouse to play or select the arrow keys, clicking in "Controls".
by Free Online Games (+) races
Planet Racer - Planet Racer. Enter your name, select difficulty, choose a planet, bet with your adversary and win him at the race. Earn a lot of money and improve your car at the shop.
by Kerb (+) races
easyMoney: Insurance Hunter - easyMoney: Insurance Hunter. Remove of the road the "vehicles" aren't able to drive. Move, accelerate and brake with the arrow keys and use the space bar to shoot.
by Glaiel Games (+) races
Krazy Kar - Krazy Kar. Drive this car and try to reach the end of an strange landscape before the time is up. Collect as many clocks as you can to win some more seconds.
by I Sioux (+) races
Splash and Dash: Racing - Splash and Dash: Racing. Did you finally overcome the first part of the game by preparing and running your car in only 8 seconds? Then now is time for winning the race!
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