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by I Sioux (+) races
Splash and Dash: Park Pits - Splash and Dash: Park Pits. You have only 8 seconds to change the 4 wheels, the aileron and the spoiler and to fill the petrol tank to the car. It seems impossible!
by Vostok (+) races
Rebel Drive - Rebel Drive. Use your keyboard to drive your van avoiding all the dangers. In the Survival way, the play is more complicated and enterteining (press Space bar to use the beam).
by Battery Energy Drink (+) races
Pedal to the Metal - Pedal to the Metal. Now you do not need to join tracks in your room to play Scalextric. Accelerate as much as you could and take care with curves. (Push F11 if the game appears cut)
by Unknown (+) races
Net Force - Net Force. Move your mouse to lead the car and click the left bottom for it accelerated. The aim is to drive as many kilometres as possible without crashing.
by Unknown (+) races
Driving in the Night - Driving in the Night. Move your mouse in all the directions to drive your car as better as possible, to improve to the trucks and, especially, not to crash.
by Neodelight (+) races
Turbo Spirit - Turbo Spirit. The game features four tracks, each track has five checkpoints. You get 30 seconds for each checkpoint, do not run out of time! Another too addictive game...
by Hewlett Packard (+) races
Beetle Buggin - Beetle Buggin. Choose your language and a level of difficulty and drive fastly the little car to gather all the sheets of photo paper and returning to the printer. It is not easy.
by Macjoe Studio (+) races
Sheep Racer - Sheep Racer. Sheeps drive motorcycles! Move your mouse towards the right to rise the speed and press the left button to jump. Catching the flags you will gain more points.
by family (+) races
Roadtrip (Hit the road) - Roadtrip (Hit the road). Vacation are finished and the radio informs that there are being traffic cloggings. But you are not worried because you have modified your van...
by Kelloggs (+) races
Cheetah Chase - Cheetah Chase. Use your superdeportive car for overtaking the truck stolen by a villain. Avoid the boxes and collect the frosties to get power ups and reduce damage.
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