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by Cacaolat (+) versions
The Cacaolat game - The Cacaolat game. Version of the classic board game of air adapted for Cacaolat. Move with the mouse the bottle of cacaolat to prevent your opponent from straining the lid.
by Woogi World (+) versions
Wooglings - Wooglings. Version of lemmings. Try to get as many Wooglings to the goal as you can. Each type of Woogling has special skills that it can use to help them get to the goal.
by Zlong Games (+) versions
Bubble Elements - Bubble Elements. Version of Puzzle Bobble. Join 3 or more bubbles of the same color to eliminate them completely of the panel. Click the left button of the mouse to shoot a bubble.
by Unknown (+) versions
Cog Factory - Cog Factory. New version of Zuma. Group the same colored cogs and once three or more cogs of the same color are adjacent to one another, they will disappear.
by Arcade Bomb (+) versions
Galaktoid - Galaktoid. Version of Arkanoid. You control a board to hit a ball and destroy the bricks. You have to break all them on each level to move on to the next one.
by GamesGames (+) versions
Mahjong Burguer - Mahjong Burguer. Version of classic Mahjong. Click two matching boxes of ingredients. If matching ingredients complete an order, they will disappear from the conveyor belt.
by Free World Group (+) versions
Teddy: In the bush - Teddy: In the bush. Version of Bomberman. Your objective is escape to the exit without being caught by the creatures. Find powers-ups and press the space bar to build walls.
by (+) versions
Flash 3DX - Flash 3DX. Version of the classic Tetris but now in 3 dimensions. Test your space vision fitting the pieces that appear on screen.
by Unknown (+) versions
Wakamewatari - Wakamewatari. Version of Frogger. Help these friends to cross the river preventing them from falling to the water in order to not lose the game. Click the mouse to jump.
by Free Games Jungle (+) versions
Gold Panic - Gold Panic. Version of Monkey Maze. Help the miner push all the gold into his car. Move with the cursors to dig the mine. Be care with the spider that she takes lives from you.
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