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by Splax (+) versions
Make Friends - Make Friends. Join similar boys (same color or same face) to reach the score required at the beginning of each level. You can also see this info below, at the right...
by Agame (+) versions
Bomb It - Bomb It. For one or two players. Choose one of the four characters and start placing some bombs to be the winner at this funny Bomberman remake.
by Unknown (+) versions
Nissin U.F.O. - Nissin U.F.O. Version from BarWars. This time you must serve some hot water, for the could eat the noodles. Be quick, because they have no patience.
by Wisson (+) versions
Spirou: Détective - Spirou: Détective. You must search some characters hidden between the people across different levels. Find all them before that your time expires.
by Manfred Lipowski (+) versions
Qobix - Qobix. Version of the classic Q*bert, where you have to use the keyboard arrows and the space bar, in order that the little monster gets to paint all the tiles from the way.
by Mengtt (+) versions
Magic Bounce Ball 1 - Magic Bounce Ball 1. Do you like to play Arkanoid? Then this one has lots of levels and powerups for you spend some funny hours destroying blocks.
by Daily Free Games (+) versions
Bomber Kid - Bomber Kid. Another funny remake of Bomberman, where your enemies are some evil tomatoes. Find the key for the exit before you spend all the bombs.
by Mads Lundemo (+) versions
Super Pang - Super Pang. Another funny Pang, where you must destroy all the bouncing balls before the time runs out. You can play against the computer o with a friend too.
by Vidajuegos (+) versions
Pollo Pang - Pollo Pang. On a trip to the farm school, the evil Dr. Pocus has turned you and your friends into animals. And now you are the only who can save all them!
by Agame (+) versions
Flipshot: Warrior in Time - Flipshot: Warrior in Time. A vertical Arkanoid, where you have to use your large shield to destroy all the little colored rocks. Some ones are really hard!
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