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last games
by Buki (+) infantile
Makeup the doll - Makeup the doll. Be the stylist of this doll! Brush her, change her the clothes, complement her and make up her like you prefer. You can obtain a heap of different combinations.
by Cacaolat (+) versions
The Cacaolat game - The Cacaolat game. Version of the classic board game of air adapted for Cacaolat. Move with the mouse the bottle of cacaolat to prevent your opponent from straining the lid.
by Unknown (+) original
Against the virus! - Against the virus! Prevent the virus from reaching your mouth! Move the mouse to remove them and click the left button when you want that your defenses stop them.
by Cuetara (+) original
Milk the cow - Milk the cow. Help Benito to milk all the cows that you could in a minute, using your mouse. Try to kill to the flies and not to make tremble the cow.
by Fresh New Games (+) ability
U-Boat - U-Boat. Your mission consists of entering in the depths of the ocean and recover the tresors. Move you with the arrow keys and the space bar to throw the hook.
by Unknown (+) habilidad
Hiroshi & David: Shooting Onigiri - Hiroshi & David: Shooting Onigiri. Throw the cakes of rice to every member of this family according to the taste of each one. Click and move with the mouse to shoot them.
by Free Online Games (+) habilidad
City Under Siege - City Under Siege. Your task is to destroy all tanks and protect command center. You have 3 lives and every 1000 score you get additional one.
by Buki (+) original
Stone, paper and scisors - Stone, paper and scisors. Play to the classic stone-paper-scisors! Remember: stone can to scissors, scissors to paper and paper to stone.
by GungHo (+) ability
Cororon - Cororon. Obtain all the food of the labyrinth to be overcoming levels. You have one minute and a half to try it and three levels of difficulties.
by GameAngel (+) ability
Save the boys - Save the boys. Save your friends who have fallen to the water! Throw the lifeguard to them whenever they it need clicking the left button of your mouse.
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