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by Startgames (+) versions
Pacman Advanced - Pacman Advanced. Advanced version of the classic Pacman. Eat all the balls before the ghosts reach you. If you obtain it, you will pass the level.
by Wowgame (+) versions
Bowling - Bowling. Classic game of skittles. Move the ball with the mouse and try to knock down all the other skittles to obtain the maximum punctuation. Good luck!
by Shogakukan (+) versions
Panzo Tank - Panzo Tank. Move the tank and give the angle and the exact intensity of shot to be able to destroy the opposite tank. You can play with another player or against your computer.
by Matmi (+) versions
Shove It: Demo - Shove It: Demo. Help to this shaggy monster to place the blocks in every yellow circle before be ended the time and lose a life. It seems to be simple, but it is necessary to think...
by nARTBOX (+) versions
Declared war - Declared war. Declare the war to one friend or your computer... You can choose several options in the shot, but take care of receiving more than you can shoot!
by GCREST (+) versions
The Nurse - The Nurse. Version of Space Invaders. Eliminate the virus of the infantile zones with your syringe. If the virus is pink, it has antibiotic that you can obtain shooting 2 times at it.
by Flash Games 247 (+) versions
Star Gazer - Star Gazer. Orientate the launcher, shoot and explote the star towards three or more stars of the same color. You will overcome the level when there are no stars in the sky.
by Mousebreaker (+) versions
Docking Perfection - Docking Perfection. Funny remake of Parking Perfection but with a Speedboat. Dock your boat in the space shown. Don't hit the Jetties or Buoys.
by Unknown (+) versions
Nissin U.F.O. 2 - Nissin U.F.O. 2. Sort of Pacman version where you are the janitor of a school and must eat 100 soap noodles avoiding the teachers. Square ones make you bigger and faster.
by Unknown (+) versions
Fruit Arkanoid - Fruit Arkanoid. Use your mouse to move the cat and make click to throw the bird in order to bring all the fruits to the baskets. You can't hold more than 3 ones at once!
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